Ed Asner has died: Pixar's Up voice and Elf actor, Carl
Aged 81, dies peacefully

Ed Asner has died: Pixar’s Up voice and Elf actor, Carl Aged 81, dies peacefully

Ed Asner has died: Pixar's Up voice and Elf actor, Carl
Aged 81, dies peacefully

Today, Ed Asner, an actor legend, has died at the tragic age of 91. He was a star in many movies and television shows, including Elf and Pixar’s UP.

Asner’s children announced the news via Twitter, saying that Asner “passed peacefully” today.

They wrote, “We are sorry that our beloved patriarch died this morning peacefully.”

The sadness that we feel is too difficult to express in words. You can kiss your dad with a gentle touch. We love you.”

Mary Tyler Moore Star, the Emmy’s most prestigious male performer was a star with roles in movies such as Elf (in which he played Santa Claus) and Up (a Pixar Award-winner).

Lou Grant was his TV show spinoff, and he became one of few actors who could play both comedy and drama roles.

Asner has also been seen in some of the most iconic television shows, including American Dad, SpongeBob squarePants, Cobra Kai and The Good Wife.

Fans began to send in tributes, one of them commenting that he was like a family member after watching him so often. Our deepest sympathy for your loss.

A second follow-up was: “Deepest condolences for the family and all those who mourn his loss.” This is a sad news for many of us.

Sending thoughts of strength and comfort. “Take solace in the fact that he is, and will remain, loved & remembered fondly.” wrote another.

Another poster wrote: “He stated that he wants to be remembered for being a person who has made the world a better place.” This he will certainly be. Rest in Peace Mr. Asner, and thanks for all the fond memories.

“My heart breaks right alongside you. “Thank you so much for sharing your father with us all these years,” A fifth user on social media wrote.

Asner was born in Kansas City on November 15, 1929. He began his career as an actor on the stage.

Ed was the youngest child of five. He attended Wyandotte High School where he was editor for their school newspaper.

Asner spent the next two years at Chicago University, then served a time in the Army.

He returned to Chicago and joined Paul Sills’ Playwrights Theater Group. This group became the Second City Group and the Compass Players. Over the following two years, he acted in 26 plays.

Asner quit the troupe in 1955 in order to relocate to New York. He played Peachum at “The Threepenny Opera” for three years, at PS65 per week. While he was still able to make a living doing odd jobs, he continued to support himself financially.

His Broadway debut was in “Face of a Hero,” starring Jack Lemmon. He continued his work at the Shakespeare Festival of Stratford, the New York Shakespeare Festival’s Central Park productions and then moved to L.A.

In 1961, he moved to Los Angeles and worked for TV shows such as Naked City or Slattery’s People.

Ed Asner Family Centre will continue the actor’s legacy. It helps enrich families and individuals with special needs by utilizing music and art to enhance their lives.

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