Explorer: “People underestimate the country” After having travelled 2700km it

Aaron Rolph, a British adventurer, considered The Great Escape a sacred rite of passage. __S.2__ Aaron decided, however to go a different route.

He stated that he had traveled in June. Just before Land’s End, I began in the Scilly Islands. You could zigzag up and down the South West peninsula, Dartmoor, Newquay and Bristol, then into Wales, and Brecon Beacons to Snowdonia, across the Peak District, and finally up the Yorkshire Dales and lakes…

Aaron took a whole month to complete what should have been “one or two weeks”, if he went straight from A-B.

He stated that it seemed wasteful to take the shortest route, but not visit the most fascinating places.

It was an idea that was born. The adventurer wanted to create the ultimate British adventure. He would have many different activities and be less direct than Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Aaron’s Great Escape had more surprises than he anticipated.

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His explanation was: “It took me the first week, then I had my accident. The first time I crashed, it was a major one. Not cycling, but mountain biking. Next, I returned a year later to complete the trip .”

Aaron was not a minor accident. He was seriously injured in a mountain bike accident and had to be taken off his bike for several months.

Aaron was determined to get back on the road. However, he also had to deal with a pandemic in other parts of the world.

Aaron stated that “post lockdown one” was the beginning of the journey. It seemed like it would be over in a bit more time than we thought. After a bit more freedom, wave 2 arrived.

It took me a whole year to get back on the bike, but that was only due to Covid. After a few months, I was back on my bike. It was a long time before I felt ready to ride.


He returned to his last attempt at downhill riding, BikePark Wales.

The second part was the same as the first. It felt as if we were in the middle of several Covid measures.

Aaron’s second leg of the trip took three weeks, but the key wasn’t about how long it was going to take.

Aaron was keen to highlight the greatness of Britain, and not just the element of rites-of-passage.

He said: “One of the key motivations for the trip is to promote how amazing a lot of places in the UK actually are, and how much they have to offer.

I think that a lot people underestimate their own country.

“For the trip, one of the key messages is ‘come and see these great spaces, which you’ll really be surprised [are here]’.”

Planning a Great Escape took some planning but it was not a difficult journey. Locals were even helpful along the way.

“This amazing [local] woman just overheard our conversation in a café and recommended that we visit Horseshoe Pass in North East Wales. We wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for her.” Her .”

Sometimes, straying from your plans can be the best way for you to have an adventurous trip.

Aaron stated that he was going to attempt Cuillin Ridge Traverse in Skye. This infamous Skye ridge is considered to be one of the most difficult mountaineering challenges in Britain. It’s something I have always wanted, but it never happened to me. We went instead for a wild swimming, that’s part of the adventure.

The Great Escape will soon be available.

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