Freddie Mercury smiling in lovely last photos in his garden, with his cats

Freddie Mercury smiling in lovely last photos in his garden, with his cats

Freddie Mercury smiling in lovely last photos in his garden, with his cats

Today marks the August 1991 special occasion when Freddie surprised his partner with a delightful surprise. Although his health was declining throughout the year, Freddie made an extra effort to visit his home in One Garden Lodge West Kensington on a sunny afternoon. He even made an effort to dress his hair and choose a beautiful outfit, in spite of his declining health. This is fitting tribute to a great star, who lived so long and was full of life.

Freddie said that he did not care about how others remembered him. “It is up to them. Who cares if I die? “I don’t.” He wouldn’t want to be remembered as pale, frail and diminished at the 1990 BRITS.

His legend and legacy will live on as one of the most talented, vibrant, and colourful stars ever to emerge. These final photos show his determination and smile in the sun.

He is fortunate to have one of his faithful and beloved feline friends by his side. Although Freddie died in a tragic manner, he was surrounded with love all his life.

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Jim said, “He was so pale, drawn, that he knew he wasn’t looking his best. But it didn’t matter; out of all the photos I have of Freddie these are the ones that I love the most.”

These photos were taken three months prior to the death of Queen icon on August 28, 1991.

It is touching to see the effort Freddie put into choosing a unique outfit.

Peter Freestone, his close friend and PA who lives in the home of Freddie, described Express Online how casual Freddie liked it to be. He rarely dressed up, even when he was well.

Peter stated that Freddie would sit alone at home in a tracksuit while he watched Countdown. “

It’s clear that Freddie intended the bright blue pants and floral patterned shirt. Jim was also in the mood for him to be nice. __S.21__

It’s fitting that one of his cats was also there.

Over the years, the star had at most ten. This started with Tom and Jerry during his time with Mary Austin. At the end, six of his friends were with him: Lily, Goliath and Lily. Oscar, Miko and Romeo are also among them.

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