Jeremy Clarkson responds to his daughter’s poor wardrobe. malfunction after skirt ‘explodes’


Jeremy Clarkson responds to his daughter's poor wardrobe.
malfunction after skirt 'explodes'

Jeremy Clarkson took to social media today to comment on a picture which was posted by his daughter Emily after she had a slight fashion mishap. The daughter of Frances Cain and The Grand Tour’s star, the 27-year old Clarkson managed to zip her mini-skirt during The Big Feastival.

Emily posted photos from this event in Kingham, near Chipping Norton on her Instagram account today.

First image shows the blonde smiling big as she poses for photos in the sun with a glass of water in her hand.

Emily captioned her post with the amusing caption, “It’s all fun and games…until your skirt explodes.” She shared it with her 200,000 followers.

In the second photo, you can see the zip that was broken on her skirt with sequins.

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It looks beautiful! Enjoy yourself! Kaleb Cooper (his Clarkson’s Farm star) remarked.

“Is it this Oxfordshire? I don’t recognize it!” One user joked and asked.

Another offer was made: “Hope he’s gone with [Richard] Hammond & [James] May. 🙂 Little autumn break from farm.”

Earlier in the month, Jeremy was back on TV with his beloved co-stars to air Lochdown, their latest installment of Grand Tour Series.

Due to travel restrictions, the episode was shot in Scotland.

The fourth special was also shot in the UK and will be streamable later in the year.

Jeremy’s farm show, which was a huge success this year, will return in a second series.

In order to keep his followers informed, Amazon Prime Star has shared a number of behind-the scenes photos and videos via the photo-sharing website, for his 3.9million followers.

The program follows the lives of Diddly Squat Farm’s owner, Larry Hogan and his girlfriend Lisa Hogan.

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