Jeremy Clarkson: “That’s another PS700 down-the-pipe” Farm money problems

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, wasn’t impressed to learn his farm had lost more money due to damp crop. Diddly Squat’s new farmer, along with his crew, have worked hard to harvest the fields during dry weather. Despite believing they had done a great job, the results were still costly.

In his latest column for The Times, The Grand Tour host revealed they had managed to farm 50 acres before the moisture meter started to suggest the dew was coming.

Despite the fact that the barley was “just” dried enough for this purpose, it was nevertheless somewhat disappointing.

He wrote, “Off went the full lorry load of grain merchants, who called next day to tell us that we hadn’t stopped in the time and that as such 1.2 tonnes out of 30 that he had picked up was basically liquid.”

He stated that he would not be paying so PS170 was reduced in price.

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This means the flea beetle, the most feared pest in the world, will be on the scene with a knife and fork and tucked into a napkin when you get there.

“I suppose that even if all the beetles eat the rape, it won’t matter to me if they eat the rest of the rape.”

The realization came suddenly, despite the moaning.

Now he is a farmer.

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