Paris Floats Amphibious Tourist Bus attraction after Years of Duck Tour Scrutiny

The bus looks as if it has made a wrong turn and is speeding into the River Seine. It scatters swans, causing screams among the passengers. The bus then floats calmly on the river after the sound subsides.

You are now invited to the newest attraction in Paris: the amphibious bus, which travels along streets of the capital and transforms into an instant pleasure boat that can go down the river.

Giulia Gallo (12 years old) from Italy said that the experience was different than usual. She was aboard the bus with her family this week. It was still very pleasant.

Tourists have used amphibious bus tours for many years, often called ducks. These boats are sometimes modified sea-borne military assault crafts. Some of these boats have caught fire or sinking and made news.

The version used in Paris, however, is an entirely new design that was purposely built in France. According to the operators, this vehicle is the first to be licensed to transport tourists along Paris’ roads and waterways.

Since this summer, the tours are being run by “Canards de Paris”, French meaning ducks of Paris.

This week’s excursion saw passengers travel in a bus-style vehicle past landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower.

The bus changed to boat mode later, pulling its propeller behind the back to allow it to glide along the River Seine. A life vest was suspended from the ceiling and an anchor was stored in a small box to the side.

Marcel Pinault (8-year-old boy from Paris suburb) said that the bus was different than other boats and buses. It is a mixture of both.

(Written by Christian Lowe, edited by Philippa Fletcher).

Lea Guedj, a journalist at Reuters, wrote this article and it was licensed legally through Industry Dive’s publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected]

Photo credit: A amphibious bus called Marcel le Canard sails along the Seine during an excursion around Paris on August 25, 2021. Sarah Meyssonnier / Reuters

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