PS Plus September 2021: PS4 and PS5 Owners have their say

The September PS Plus leak suggests that two PS4 exclusives and one PS5 exclusive are coming to the PlayStation 4.

New leaks suggest that Overcooked will be available on PlayStation 5. All You Can Eat on PlayStation 5 and Hitman 2 on PS4 will also be available.

Sony has not yet confirmed the truth, but we will soon know.

On Wednesday, September 1st, the official announcement will take place. It includes a complete list of games free to download for PlayStation consoles.

The reason gamers are taking this latest leak so seriously is that it’s been shared by a reliable source, Dealabs.

Dealabs is a reliable source of PlayStation Plus news and has an excellent track record.

PS4 and PS5 owners discovered the lineup before they were released. They have debated how great this lineup is.

A new Reddit poll shows that the majority of gamers reacted positively to the PS Plus September news.

The poll appears to have ended with only a few hundred votes remaining for people who want to play the included new games.

One user shared his opinion on Predator Hunting grounds’ inclusion. He said: “Interesting. Truthfully, it being offered this Month is good because it’s one those games I would not buy, but I’d play if it was free.”

PREDATOR HUNTING GROUNDSPredator Hunting Grounds: An immersive, asymmetrical shooting game set in South America’s jungles where Predator hunts down the most difficult prey.

You can play as an elite Fireteam member and perform paramilitary operations until the Predator discovers you. You can also play the Predator and hunt for the best prey. Choose from a variety of alien technology to earn your trophies one at a time.

HITMAN 2Track your targets in exotic locations with HITMAN(tm). Agent 47, the most innovative assassin in the world, is able to take you anywhere from sun-drenched streets and dark, dangerous jungles.

You are about to witness the most thrilling spy thriller tale. Your mission is to find the Shadow Client, and to unravel his militia. But when 47 discovers the true identity of his target and uncovers the truth about his history, everything changes.

Don’t Overcook! All You Can Eat:Overcooked! All additional contents and 2 are combined and remastered into this definitive edition. You can enjoy hundreds of levels in cooperative cooking chaos, even though you are working with increasingly difficult and mysterious kitchens.

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