Six Things to Avoid Being Hacked

Six Things to Avoid Being Hacked

Six Things to Avoid Being Hacked
Your biggest weakness is you. However, changing just a few things can help reduce the likelihood of online account breaches.

There are two big reasons why people get hacked. Software flaws and human behavior are the main reasons people get hacked. While there’s not much you can do about coding vulnerabilities, you can change your own behavior and bad habits.

Ask Donald Trump the former US President, his Twitter password is “maga2020!” Boris Johnson the ex-president of Boris Johnson who disclosed details about sensitive Zoom calls during the 2020 pandemic. These world leaders have also received security training by protection agencies.

Even though the stakes may not be as high, the risks for average people are equally real. Your credit card and private information could be stolen or shared with others if your accounts are not properly secured. Working out if your accounts have been hacked is a time-consuming and potentially frustrating process. It’s better to take steps to avoid being hacked. These are the things you can do in order to safeguard yourself.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Arguably the most effective thing you can do to protect your online accounts is turning on multi-factor, or two-factor, authentication for as many of your accounts as possible. This method requires a second piece of information, which is often a code sent by SMS or an app.

The secondary information is used to verify that you are trying to log into the account. An attacker will not be able to access an account that has multi-factor authentication enabled unless you have your phone.

There’s a guide to all the accounts that support the method here, but in the first instance you should turn it on for all the accounts that hold personal information that could be abused. You can use social media apps like WhatsApp and Instagram to communicate with your contacts.

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