Two Reasons why attempting to be bored is a solid business
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Two Reasons why attempting to be bored is a solid business Get advice

Two Reasons why attempting to be bored is a solid business
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You can achieve the results that you desire by being bored and not taking unconventional advice.

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Do you feel bored? It’s possible to become bored by the simple act of trying.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of boredom.

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This creates space

Did you know that you can spend more time on Zoom meetings or phone calls if there is enough time? Give a client some extra time. You might need to take longer to complete a task if there isn’t a deadline. We tend to take up all the space that is available. Busy work is why there’s such a thing. We entrepreneurs are like water moving downstream in search of a reservoir. Boredom could be a great thing.

In paradoxical situations, many entrepreneurs find themselves in a dilemma. They want more business, even having more customers, and they are unable to manage the businesses they already have, which is why they feel trapped. What can you do to grow?

It is important to not be bored. It is true that there will always be something to fill the empty space. You should create strategic opportunities for new ones. Only working with the ideal customer is the best way to accelerate your business’ exponential growth. This is why Pareto Principle does not work in practice. While we may accept 20% of our revenue, the truth is that you are wasting time with eight of ten customers. It’s not ideal to have non-ideal clients taking up space. There is space on the calendar and production space, and, most importantly, there is space for head and energy. Many businesses spend too much energy trying to please customers who will not be satisfied. Stop trying to please everyone. You can let them go to make room for better customer relationships.

It’s easy to get distracted by the task at hand and lose focus of what is important. Marketing is not something you can do. The next thing you know you are in a slump and you have no time or plan for marketing. There is still time for marketing. You might be able to balance busy and slow times if you had made time for marketing.

Entrepreneurs don’t want to be bored. Imagine what you could do with your spare time. Invite more customers? You can take some time for yourself. You can create a company that doesn’t need you.

Boredom’s second advantage is that it will make you more intentional about filling up your space.

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Attract the people you desire

You can call it manifestation, magic, or smart business strategy. But the place you create by trying to avoid boredom attracts what is in your heart.

Ask yourself first what you really want. Are you looking for more customers? Are you able to spend more time? Are you able to attract higher-paying customers? A new stream of income? It is important to be clear about your goals. You run the chance of filling up the space with dirty laundry, and end up back where you began.

To add fuel to your intention, make a visual of how you will fill up the space. Let’s take, for example, 100 customers you would like to have before the year ends. Place 100 stroke marks onto a whiteboard. Remove one stroke mark for each customer who is added. You don’t need to remove all stroke marks. There are two reasons.

  1. Full is what you know and believe in. Your success is evident, you have a full vessel of what your heart desires and feel empowered about how that container gets filled.

  2. This creates loyalty. Think of someone giving you the top ten best tips to do whatever. The journey from tip #1 to tip 10 seems endless. Instead, you can keep your attention by counting down from 10 to 1 and anticipating the tip.

The two steps of growth and expansion are simple: Be bored, and then make space for your desires. Make a mental representation of how full the space looks and then fill it up. You can start over again when you are ready to move on to the next stage of expansion and growth.

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