Ulrika Jonsson ran to an ambulance with “mild” Hypothermia

During the premiere episode of SAS: Who Dares Wins’ celebrity special, shocked fans saw medics treat Ulrika Jonsson (54), who appeared to have hypothermia. After complaining that her feet and hands were numb after the challenge to swim in freezing water, the Swedish-British model was immediately taken into an ambulance for further examination.

The popular Channel 4 show saw the latest batch of celebrity contestants take on their first major challenges, which involved jumping off a boat in freezing water before running up a hill to reach camp.

Ulrika felt her feet and hands numb as she walked up the steep slope with the rest of the group.

After her concern, medical personnel rushed to her aid and advised that Raynaud’s was her condition.

Star thought that it was cold, dehydration and a mix of both. However she didn’t want her body to feel “25” again.

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She was confident but described the experience as one of the most frightening things she had ever done.

Ulrika received the all clear after her hypothermia assessment. She was then able to return to the course to meet her celeb peers.

The SAS commentator announced that Ulrika had missed the first task because of medical reasons.

Ulrika also spoke out about the possibility of getting married again but said it would be “disturbing” to walk down that aisle.

“And it is difficult for women my age not to say that, without being seen in certain ways.”

Former TV-am meteor presenter Cameron has four kids, Bo, 22, Martha, 14 and Malcolm 11.

John Turnbull was her first husband, and she has Cameron.

After they had met in late 1990s, Bo became a German hotel manager Marcus Kempen.

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