Ulrika Jonsson says she does not care about embarrassment Her four children with risque Instagram photos

“I don’t care if a f**k!” Ulrika Jonsson (54), says she doesn’t mind embarrassing her children with risque Instagram photos. She ‘loves her body’ and wants them to ‘cringe.

Ulrika Jonsson is not afraid to embarrass her children.

In a recent interview, the 54-year-old mother of four stated that she doesn’t care about their sexiness in regard to how they make her laugh.

“I don’t care a lot about them. It is the reason I live. They are my life. Yes, there are probably times when they’re unhappy, but they don’t voice it anymore,’ she said to The Sun, ahead of her forthcoming appearance on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

“I don’t care a damn about them!” Ulrika Jonsson is not afraid to embarrass her children.

“I have more years ahead of me than I have before me, and I have given more to them than their dedication has allowed me. That will not stop.” They may sometimes “oh cringe”, but it’s their job as parents to make the kids embarrassed.

“I am trying to learn to love my body. Although it’s wrinkled, that is how it is. It can even look okay in bad lighting. Why shouldn’t it? All of us have been programmed for different things.

Former weather anchor, she felt that she had been told negative things about her body as a child. But now, at 54, she feels she can ‘put my body out there, and it’s what it is.

Cameron is 26, Bo 21, Martha 15, and Malcolm 12. Ulrika was Ulrika’s mother.

Honest: The mother-of-four, 54, declared in a recent interview she 'doesn't give a f**k about them' when it comes to making them 'cringe' [pictured with kids Cameron, 26, Bo, 21, Martha, 15 and Malcolm, 12]

Honest: 54-year-old mother of four declared that she doesn’t care about their cries in recent interviews. [pictured with children Cameron, 26, Bo and 21, Martha (15, and Malcolm (12)]

Sincere: “This is my whole life.” They are my whole life. She admitted that they may be unhappy at times, but she doesn’t let it affect her anymore.

Ulrika shared her sexual awakening with her children earlier in the year.

“I’m a sexual creature.” It’s something that I say regularly to my children — much to their horror,’ the TV personality confessed to The Sun. “I like sex. I would love to have it. It’s hard for women of my age to speak that way without being viewed in certain ways.

Ulrika, after 11 years of marriage, announced her separation from Brian Monet in 2019.

Awakened: Ulrika revealed she is in the midst of a 'sexual awakening' and has even discussed her new found liberation with her children

Ulrika is awake: Ulrika said she’s in the middle of a “sexual awakening” and that she’s even shared her feelings with her children.

Ulrika married Brian in 2008, and they share Malcolm. Their relationship began in 2006.

Brian adopted Bo in 2014 from her relationship with Markus Kempen, a German hotel boss.

John Turnbull is the father of Cameron, Ulrika’s son. He was her husband between 1990-1995.

“I have more years to my credit than I do in front of myself, and I have given more than my devotion to them. That will not stop.” They may sometimes “oh cringe”, but it’s their job as parents to make the kids embarrassed.

Coming soon: She will soon be seen on Celebrity SAS on Channel 4

Soon: You will see her on Celebrity SAS, Channel 4

Martha is the daughter of Lance Gerrard Wright, Ulrika’s husband between 2003 and 2005.

Ulrika celebrated her 54th birthday with playful selfies.

Ulrika posted a long caption with intimate snaps and called herself “a complex soul” and “a lioness that has boundless proportions”.

Ulrika said in complete: “This is 54. To me, happy birthday. My knowledge so far is that I am a Lioness with boundless proportions. I am fierce; I am loyal. Passion runs through my veins, fire burns my heart, and my imagination turns wild through my knotted mind.

Ulrika marked her 54th birthday earlier this month with a playful series of selfies, declaring: 'This is 54'

Ulrika celebrated her 54th birthday with playful selfies.

“I love with wild abandonment and ardour even when it seems that caution and restraint might be necessary. I have never been disturbed by the idea of lying down with lions. I have never forgotten the futility in trying to alter the form of my heart. “I am who I am.”

“I might be too much.” However, I’m never too much. My instincts and intuition are my best assets. I am an empath, lover, carer, and nurturer. It is a difficult lesson that I have to learn. I’m a woman who is strong. “I am complex.”

Ulrika said, “I am apprehensive but impatient.” I also don’t like goat cheese.

Ulrika said, “I am apprehensive but impatient.” And goat cheese is not my favorite.


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