Annette Day, Elvis’ British star was found at a London market stand on 17

Imagine yourself as a normal London teenage worker at your mom’s Portobello market stall. A film producer sees you one day and calls back several weeks later to tell you that they want you to come to Los Angeles to star in Elvis Presley’s next movie. Although it sounds fantastical Hollywood, Annette Day experienced the same fate. She looked back at their relationship decades later and said:It was great fun. She spoke highly of The King’s amusing games and incredible generosity, and how it inspired her to return home from Hollywood.SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH ANNETTE DAY TALK ABOUT WORKING WITH ELVIS

Day had never been an actor before being offered the role of a Runaway Heiress in 1967’s Double Trouble. Day said that she didn’t know much about acting and was unsure if Day would accept it. “I thought yes. I’m going to do it.”

Although she was nervous about her first day, she recalled her co-star’s help and support.

“I was thinking, “My goodness, I’m letting myself in here,” she said. But he showed tremendous patience and understanding. It was a difficult situation, but he helped me to get through it. It’s not a problem. Just take it slow.”

Some moments were more difficult than others. She described shooting the scene in which he was gassed unconscious and said that Elvis came in to pick him up and rescue me. It was a four poster bed, and my head was really pounding on the wood. He was very concerned afterward.”

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Day said that Elvis had an amazing sense of humor and was constantly playing games, even as he became less happy with his movie career.

Elvis became disillusioned by the shallow and repetitive roles that he received throughout his career in film. It was, he believed, also detrimental to his reputation as a recording artist.

Double Trouble received better than his other offerings. However, he reportedly cried “It’s coming to this!” When he heard that he’d be singing Old MacDonald Had A Farm, he was elated.

Day said, “I believe, more than any other, he wanted back on stage for his fans.” He seemed quite happy when the musicals ended. He would have liked to see a more serious film. He could have been an excellent actor. However, the films that he appeared in had the same type of films, with just a few songs added.

Double Trouble was 58th in the US Box Office for the year, but Elvis had to make seven more movies before the decade came to an end and his movie career would be over.

Day had to make a decision about whether or not she would like to work in Hollywood. It was necessary to take a hard look at my self. You can’t get higher than this. I was at the top. “Have you got the drive, ambition, and determination that actors do?” I thought. It wasn’t. Then I returned to my normal work life.

Day got married to Mike shortly thereafter and settled down in Shropshire. She had two children with Mike and worked at SMP Security in Telford until her retirement as a secretary.

She is happy to be out of the spotlight, but she will occasionally consent to an interview. However she admits that she watched Double Trouble.

She stated that it brought back many happy memories. It brought back many happy memories… It was the fun, it was the enjoyment.


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