Fortnite Update 17.50 Early Patch Notes: Kevin The Cube Return before the season 8 release

According to the leaks, Kevin would return at the close of season 2 episode 7 and that the Cube would be controlled by an unknown queen character.

The character has been linked to Fortnite’s chapter 3. It is claimed that a brand new Fortnite chapter will be launched with a new map.

Fortnite 17.50 may see Coral Castle POI abducted. The Corny Complex could be next.

Fortnite Update 17.50 could bring new weapons to the game, including a Charge Sniper weapon that might be heading to Battle Royale.

Fortnite’s new update may also include new skins. Chris Hemsworth and Will Smith are reportedly the main focus for the next inbound cosmetics.

Smith’s Bad Boys character Mike Lowrey is said to be heading to Fortnite. Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake is from Netflix’s action movie Extraction.

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