Furosystems Aventa electric bike review: a brilliant price, But is this a great bike?

The motor and lithium-ion battery are subtly incorporated into the A-frame design (Image: FUROSYSTEMS)

The popularity of electric bikes has risen dramatically in the past year. Thousands have chosen to abandon cramped trains and slow bus routes to enjoy a pedal-assisted commute to work. Some people mistakenly think that a motor is a detriment to electric bikes. However, studies have shown that owners of an electric bike tend to ride more frequently and take longer trips.

It also means that you arrive to work without sweating, which can be a bonus for yourself, but also a blessing for your coworkers.

Furosystems, a London-based firm, has unveiled its latest model, Aventa, in order to capitalize on this newfound popularity. Furosystems, which has been selling an electric folding bicycle that is lightweight for some time (called Furo X), this new model marks Furosystems’ first venture into traditional design-factor.

Is it the right time to give up your keys and get an electric bicycle? Is this the right one? Express.co.uk has been testing the Furosystems Aventa for a few weeks now, and here’s what you should know…

Furosystems Aventa electric bicycle review: Prices and release date

In January 2021 the Aventa was announced. The electric bike is now on sale at Furosystems. While there is currently only one size of frame available, three models are now.

The entry-level bike starts at PS1,399 and has mechanical disc brakes. It also comes with a range of 40 km (25 miles), as well as a display that displays the most recent statistics about your ride.

You can get hydraulic disc brakes and a range of 60 km (37 miles) with a charge of PS1,599. The handlebars also have a larger readout. The top-end model costs PS1,799 and comes with a large display and hydraulic brakes. It also has an 80-km (50-mile) range and can be charged once.

Aventa has a classic design, which isn’t obviously pedal-assist …great at this price point (Image: FUROSYSTEMS )

Furosystems Aventa electric bicycle review: Ride, design and construction

The word “competent” is the best way to describe the Aventa’s design. You won’t need to worry about the battery being tucked in the bottom tube. This will eliminate the inconvenience of having a large lithium-ion charge resting on top of the pannier rack, which is something that is quite common for electric bikes under PS1,000.

The Furosystems Aventa isn’t as polished as its more expensive competitors like the Cowboy 3 VanMoof and Ampler Curt. The electric bikes are slightly more expensive than the Furosystems Aventa, but they have a lot of additional touches that elevate the design.

The Aventa threads its electronic cables into the frame. However, the Aventa is only half baked — the cables are still spiralling from the handlebars and out of view — in comparison to the Cowboy 4. The Aventa also has a front-facing, LED-powered light built into its frame. However, it does not have a rear-facing one.

You’ll need to use the proven method to change the batteries if you are still outside after sunset — which can prove difficult in winter. Some bikes like the Ampler Curt have both front- and rear-facing lights that are charged by the battery. This will ensure you stay safe at night.

Frustratingly, there is no rear-facing LED powered by the in-built, for that you’ll need some AAs (Image: FUROSYSTEMS )

The front-facing LED is powered by the lithium-ion cell (Image: FUROSYSTEMS )

These are very minor nitpicks. The Furosystems Aventa, which is the entry-level PS1,399 version, comes as an option. The Aventa is a bit more basic than the PS1,799 model if that’s your preference.

The removable battery is one area in which the Aventa has some advantages over its more expensive rivals. The lithium-ion battery can either be recharged inside or outside the frame. This means that you don’t need to carry the bike up stairs, or across your house to reach a wall outlet, if you live in high-rise apartments blocks.

The 40-km model takes four hours to charge a battery from 100 percent to 100%, while the model with the highest end will take seven hours. If you are a regular user of the battery running flat, it is best to plan in advance.

Okay, enough of the bike story… What’s it like riding?

The Aventa on the roads is an absolute joy to drive. The Aventa electric bike will bring a smile to your face and make you happy all the way. You won’t have to slow down when you pull away from traffic lights. The motor ensures that you always start at a good standing position. This motor can make it safer for commuters in cities and towns.

The breakdown of all the different models – some are exceedingly good value, while others aren’t (Image: FUROSYSTEMS )

If you have never tried pedal-assist motors before it is important to emphasize that they are not a motorcycle. Before the motor can kick in, you’ll have to put some effort into the pedals. There are six power assistance levels available for Aventa. These settings determine the amount of extra juice you get from your battery. The UK law states that you will not get any assistance if you exceed 15.5 mph. You’d have to register your vehicle with the DVLA above that speed.

The 250W motor is not capable of breaking land speed records.

The motor can help you to avoid any steep hills during your next trip. You can still pedal up steep hills with your Aventa on the most powerful power assist level. However, it will not be nearly as exhausting. You feel like you have a steady wind at your back. People who don’t feel confident might choose to take more challenging routes. More experienced cyclists will have the ability to travel further.

Upgrading to the pricier model will increase the screen size on the handlebar (Image: FUROSYSTEMS )

We prefer electric bikes that adjust the power output of the motor to the level of pedal pressure. Cowboy, Ampler and other rivals deliver power depending on whether your pedals spin freely. This is a sign that things are easy and you don’t require any assistance. Or if you are under great stress and are still barely turning.

This means that you don’t need to look away from the road in order to switch between power levels. You won’t have to even think about power levels, it all happens automatically. However, there are some people who like to manually adjust the assistance of the bike. If you fall into that group, the Aventa is likely to be your best choice.

Furosystems Aventa electric bicycle review: Software and Smarts

Furosystems does not offer a companion app to its electric bikes, unlike some other companies. This is not likely to cause any problems if you don’t care about keeping track of your top speed, distance, and calories in an app for your Android or iPhone.

It’s important to note that other manufacturers also offer similar apps that allow you to visualize your journey using a satellite map and locate your bicycle with built-in GPS. You can even activate anti-theft modes that include an alarm. You might consider looking elsewhere if this sounds appealing to you.

It is quite basic to attach the screen to the Aventa’s handlebars. The screen displays all the information you need, including speed, distance traveled, remaining battery life, and other statistics. The black-and white display can be seen when the sun is shining outside.

It does however feel like an opportunity missed considering what other companies are doing with electric bikes.

The mudguards are integrated into the design of the frame (Image: FUROSYSTEMS )

Furosystems Aventa electric bike review: Final Verdict

  • The pros: A great design, integrated lithium-ion batteries, and hydraulic disk brakes. They are great to have for this price, quick charging, and a brilliant idea.
  • Con: There is no built-in rear lighting, the power levels of the motor aren’t intuitive, and battery can not be removed.

Furosystems Aventa electric bikes are solid. The bike is well-designed and features a 250W motor that can handle six settings. This will ensure that you feel as if you are in the saddle and not just being taken on a ride by electronics.

The entry-model, priced at PS1,399 is an excellent deal and we recommend it to anyone looking for an electric bike for their commute or for just getting out on weekends. It’s harder to recommend the more expensive models.

The Furosystems costs PS1,799 and is competing with VanMoof’s rival bikes Cowboy or VanMoof. Both offer superior experiences. The Aventa bike is solid and has a strong motor. Cowboy, on the other hand, has an extensive smartphone app. It can calculate the power of your bike based on how hard you pedal. You also have a built-in GPS that allows you to track it like a lost phone. VanMoof has an anti-theft system that activates when your bike is stolen. It also includes an auto-shifting gearbox. The battery powers both the front- and back-facing lights, which is something that you can’t find on an Aventa.

The Aventa isn’t bad, but it does not feel as though it wants to revolutionize cycling like its similar-priced competitors. The Furosystems Aventa will be a good choice if you don’t mind these features or other gimmicks.

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