Gardeners World: Monty Don responds to fury of fan

gardeners world
Gardeners world: Monty Don attended BBC’s Gardeners World Live this weekend. This one-time outdoor event, which is held every year, gives garden enthusiasts the chance to receive first-hand advice and inspiration.

Twitter was the place where the 66-year old shared news with his 238k followers.

A disgruntled user on social media who claimed they were disappointed after the Gardeners World event quickly got back to The Gardeners World Favorite.

Monty had tweeted that he was at GW Live and gave talks under the floral marquee at 11:00, 2.00, and 5.00. Come along if you’re also there.

According to the person, they weren’t impressed by visitors who didn’t wear masks.

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Then they wrote: “We came here to see you. They couldn’t reach the unmasked crowd…

“Maybe an elevated stage would have helped anyone under 5ft6? It was disappointing to say the least.

Monty responded to this tweet by claiming that there was a “laissez faire” attitude to wearing masks at Gardeners World Live at Birmingham NEC.

“Oh dear. “Oh dear. Monty said, “Yes, it seemed like there was a laissez-faire masking policy.”

After being asked for help, the fan was reassured by the horticulturalist.

Monty was emotionally touched by a follower who shared a picture of their garden. “@TheMontyDon” The following message was sent to Monty. It’s exciting for the future, but I don’t think it will wash with my wife.

I would appreciate any words of comfort from you for my fiancée. Lorna is her name.”

Monty didn’t hold back and told the user on social media the brutal truth.

He replied, “Looks great for sowing wildflower seeds. It’s not clear that I would do this before getting married in the backyard, though…

However, it should be passable within a few weeks. It will look great the next spring.

Although the horticulturist is well-known for his passion for gardening, he also admitted that he did not like it for 10 years during his childhood.

Monty stated, speaking at The Edinburgh Literary Festival: “You’d think that I am a gardener and have gotten my inspiration from my mother, but it is far from the truth.”

As a child I hated gardening.

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