Genshin Impact 2.0 release date and time countdown, as well as 2.1 maintenance news

Update 2.1 for Genshin Impact has a release date scheduled for the next 24-hours, bringing with it new content, including some surprising new characters.

Genshin2.1 will bring Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Inazuma to the game for the first ever major crossover.

Mihoyo developers have promised to offer a variety of daily login events that will continue until the current game version is retired.

Others big banners, such as the Raiden Shogun Banner are being created, and Mihoyo confirmed earlier in the week.

The event-exclusive 5 star character, “Plane of Euthymia”, Raiden Shogun(Electro), will get a massive drop-rate boost during this wish!

The 4-star characters, “Crowfeather Kaburaya”, Kujou Sara (Electro), “Exquisite Delicacy” Xiangling(Pyro) and “Harmless Sugarie” Sucrose will all receive a massive drop-rate boost during this event wish

“After the event wish is over, Kujou Sara (the 4-star character “Crowfeather Kaburaya”) will still be available for the Standard Wish “Wanderlust Invocation”. Version 2.2.

“Of all the characters above, the event-exclusive Character will not be offered in the standard wish “WanderlustInvocation.”

Genshin 2.0 also introduced two islands, Watatsumi and Seirai, to the Inazuma area.

Mihoyo also makes it possible for Genshin residents to fish all over the globe. He told fans that the Teyvat ecosystem has experienced an increase in fish populations and many new species have appeared in different waters. Because the Fishing Association is a grassroots organization, it had to create a commission to help with Adventurers Guild.

You will need a fishing rod and a bait to catch the fish. Once you have found the spot, your rod will be ready for action. You can use the fish to prepare delicious dishes or exchange it for valuable treasures at The Fishing Association. You can even catch ornamental, vibrant fish that you can enjoy at home.


Mihoyo Developers has announced that Genshin Impact 2.0 will be released on Tuesday, August 31.

Genshin 2.0 maintenance is currently in progress. This means that Genshin 2.1 will be released at 4am BST (in the UK) on September 1.

The Genshin Update will now be available for download by gamers living in North America at 8 PM PST, August 31.

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact Update this week will force servers to be offline at 11 p.m. BST on August 31.

All platforms will experience maintenance. It is expected that downtime will begin at 11pm BST, last for 5 hours and end at 4am BST.

There is a positive side to this: Gamers will get compensated for any downtime. Mioyo revealed that Travelers will have the ability to play the updated game client after they install it. Due to its large size, it is best to download the update via Wi-Fi.

Travelers won’t be able to log into the game while the maintenance update is underway. To avoid losing progress, please take notice of the updated time and plan your game accordingly. We ask that Travelers be patient with us.

Update maintenance will begin at 06:00 UTC+8 on 2021/09/01 and lasts for five hours. Maintenance compensation: Primogems (x300) – 60 Primogems per hour that the server is down. If the update is done early, there will be no change in the compensation amount. ()

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