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Get the iPad mini for just $100

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Get $100 off: The 64GB Apple iPad mini WiFi, which is normally $399.99 on Amazon and Best Buy starting Aug. 30, is now only $299.99 — that’s a savings of 25%.

Maybe it’s the portability, maybe it’s the Apple Pencil compatibility, or maybe it’s the sense of possibility, but something about using an iPad can make you feel like you have your life together.

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Lucky for everyone who’s been looking to fill the iPad-shaped hole in their heart, the 64GB Apple iPad mini with WiFi is on sale for 25% at Best Buy for only $299.99 — a full $100 off the list price — as of Aug. 30. You’ll also be able to find this deal at Walmart, but at the time of writing, only the space gray color is in stock, while Best Buy has all the colors (that’s gold, space gray, and silver) available.

The iPad mini has a smaller 7.9 inch screen than the iPad Air and iPad Pro. It’s still quite large enough to be able to write or type notes on it, use your apps and, most importantly, view your favourite shows from bed. This tablet is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. However, it’s not compatible with cellular networks. It works with the Apple Pencil. However, it is not recommended for use as a primary tablet for video or photo editing.

The mini iPad is a great choice for everyday use. The mini is powered by the A12 Bionic chip, which means that it will not be slower or less functional than the regular model iPad. The iPad mini may be the best option for you if you are looking for an affordable, reliable iPad that doesn’t take up too much space. After all, there’s a reason iPads are popular among the sea of tablets offered.

Though this is the latest iPad mini generation, it did come out in 2019, so if you’ve been holding out on buying the mini, you might be interested in holding on a bit longer — the new one is slated to launch this fall. You can now grab your iPad for $299.99 if you are done waiting.

Save $100 at Best Buy

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