Google Maps users who don’t have this feature will be without a crucial feature Accept new terms

Google Maps this week will start prompting users to agree to new terms. Users will be asked if they are willing to have their location data used for service improvement in the popular iOS or Android navigation app. Google claims that this GPS data will be used to provide real-time traffic updates as well as detect delays.

From today, Monday August 30, Google Maps users will be asked to opt-in via an in-app prompt, according to MSPoweruser.

Google Maps’ message says, “How navigation data improves Maps.” Google makes Maps better for all by using the navigation data of you and others.

Google tracks your navigation and collects information such as GPS coordinates and route taken. These data can be used by Google to provide information to other users, such as real-time traffic conditions, and to help them locate the fastest route.

These updates won’t be linked to your Google Account.

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Google explains that the search engine giant collects information to show people around the globe in real time. This data includes GPS location, transport mode, navigation details, and sensor data such as barometer.

Google uses data from you alone or in combination with other people to improve Maps. This includes: improving navigation and suggesting quicker alternate routes that save time. Showing real-time updates such as traffic disruptions and weather conditions.

The Android developers explained how location data was protected and added that navigation data (such as route taken) is not associated with your Google Account. It’s instead associated with a secure generated identifier, which resets every other day. Maps cannot access your Google Account navigation data.

Your Google Account may also contain other data, including directions searched in Google Search. Visit Your data in Maps to manage and change control settings, including location history or web & app activity.

We only keep the information we require to make Maps more accessible for all users. After processing it is deleted. Updates to maps are not associated with Google Accounts or devices.

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