Heathrow airport chaos as passengers queue for 'five hours'
With 'no social ditancing'

Heathrow airport chaos as passengers queue for ‘five hours’ With ‘no social ditancing’

Heathrow airport chaos as passengers queue for 'five hours'
With 'no social ditancing'

Many passengers who had to travel through Heathrow Airport used social media to vent their frustrations. Some claimed that they had been sitting for hours without any social distancing.

Another question was: “When int. How does this affect the airport’s reputation and the country?

Heathrow Airport responded by tweeting: “Waiting at the border has on occasion been unacceptable. We have asked the UK Government for urgent action to fix the issue.

“Immigration desks/Egates cannot be operated by airport personnel, but only UK GOV officials.”

It responded to a question about waiting times by saying: “Unfortunately we are not able to give information regarding immigration queue times for the UK Border Force who manage and operate our immigration halls.”

One passenger said they had also been waiting for long lines.

These people suggested that queues are worse for certain individuals than for others.

It read, “Currently in an enormous crowd-queue intended for families at @HeathrowAirport passport check.

Non-families are breezing by and in the meantime this is making for a huge spreader event: hoards o’ maskless children, little ventilation, people crowded together, lots of coughing.”

One other person agreed, stating that there were “five to six counters of 32” available.

Airports previously reported that issues with queues were raised with Government.

The added queues they created are beyond their control.

Express.co.uk reached out to Heathrow Airport in order for more information…

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