Holy Cow Cow waiting in Head-Scratching Video
McDonald's Drive-Thru

Holy Cow Cow waiting in Head-Scratching Video McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Holy Cow Cow waiting in Head-Scratching Video
McDonald's Drive-Thru

Video of a Wisconsin McDonald’s cow waiting in line is viral

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Pulling up to any fast-food drive-thru is always a gamble — you never know what you’re going to end up behind in line, from disgruntled and slow-moving customers to full-blown pop-up rock band performances.

What is the latest addition to our list of unexpected things that we didn’t expect to find in a drive-thru queue? An actual, living cow.

Jessica R. Nelson, a Facebook user, posted a video on the platform about a McDonald’s drive-thru in Marshfield Wisconsin. She zooms in to see a number of cars in front to prove that there’s actually a whole cow in the backseat.

“A WHOLE FREAKING COW!” She captioned it jokingly, “A WHOLE FREAKING COW!”

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Since then, it has been viewed over 250,000 times and received 344 comments.

“I love it, made my day,” said Lucia Haupt. “Only in Wisconsin.”

Nelson later went to the comments section to clarify who was actually in the video, and what was happening.

I now know the driver’s name as Bernie Tritz. She explained that he doesn’t use Facebook to another person who inquired about her driver and the situation. The backseat had 3 calves, but the driver needed to see out of the window. There was also a passenger in the seat. She’s commenting on one of many posted posts.

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The female passenger was Nevaeh Berg. Josh Berg cheekily commented on this post, saying, “That’s mine daughter…” It went viral along with a cow! “

It seems that the cow fits comfortably into the typical-sized 4-door sedan.

Kathy Henseler claimed that there might have been three calves sitting in the backseat. They wanted French fries, I think.

We can only hope that no burgers were consumed during this drive-thru experience.

McDonald’s had a 11% increase as of Monday afternoon.

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