How can you share your WiFi password with your iPhone?

We get it. With data breaches happening all the time, it’s important to have a strong WiFi password. When your friend is visiting to see Bachelor, and they need WiFi for them to tweet about the event, sharing a password with your friend that looks like your cat has walked on it’s keyboard is tedious. Apple developers have created a new feature to make it easy for you to share your WiFi password with your iPhone.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to share WiFi passwords from an iPhone. Our team is here to assist you.

First, make sure both devices that are sharing your WiFi password as well as those receiving it have the most recent iOS version. Sharing your WiFi password with iPhone will not work if this is the case. Apple has added this feature to iOS 11. Sharing your WiFi password via iPhone will not work if you have iOS 11 and higher. Remember: As a practice, it’s good to always keep your devices up-to-date with software updates for security reasons.

You can share your WiFi passwords with your iPhone using iOS 11 or later. Scroll down and skip the next section. “How to Share your WiFi Password via iPhone” is what you will find. We’ll show you how to update your iPhone if it is not the most recent version.

How do you update your iOS or MacOS

Make sure you back up your iOS device before you do any iOS updates on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This will ensure that you don’t lose important information. Connect your device to the WiFi network by plugging it in. Scroll down to General, and then go to Settings. A little red dot will appear next to the Software Update option if an iOS update is available.

Update that software baby!
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Tap Software Update to open the Download and Installation option. You may need to input your passcode when you click this button. After that, iOS updates will begin automatically.

You will need to back up all data if you want to upgrade your MacOS from your desktop or laptop. To ensure that the OS update isn’t too slow and drains your battery, make sure you connect to reliable WiFi sources and plug your device in. Open System Preferences in the Apple menu. This can be found at the top left corner of the screen. Click Software Update when the System Preferences window appears. All available updates will be displayed here.

To install an update that is available, click on the Upgrade Now button. Once the download is complete, the installer window will open. To complete the installation, follow the steps in the window.

You’re almost there.
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After you have completed updating, you can begin the thrilling journey of sharing your WiFi password with your iPhone.

Share your WiFi password between iPhone and iPhone

Before you start, ensure that both the Bluetooth and WiFi settings are turned on.

This is where the key is to ensure that your Apple ID email address is stored in another person’s contact list. If you share your WiFi password and your friend’s email address as their Apple ID is [emailprotected] and yours is [emailprotected], ensure that you have your contact information saved on their device and your contact info saved on yours. If you don’t remember the email address you use as your Apple ID, you can find it by signing into Here’s how you can reset your Apple ID password if it has been forgotten. (

It is easy to share your WiFi password from this page. Both devices should be kept close to each other, and within Bluetooth or WiFi range. Connect the first device to which you are sharing your WiFi password. Next, go to WiFi settings and enter the password. On the device sharing your password, a window will appear asking you if it’s okay to share the password. Click Share Password and you’re done!

The moment of truth.
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How can I share my WiFi password with iPhone and Mac

It’s easy to share your iPhone password with a Mac now that you are familiar with how to do it.

The first is that, like sharing passwords between iPhones and iPads, each iPhone’s Apple ID must be stored in its respective device. Go to Finder, then open Applications. Click on Contacts. Next, click the plus sign and then select New Contact from the drop-down. You can then add any information to the window.

Make sure the Apple ID of the other device is saved as a contact.
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Connect your iPhone to the WiFi network. Next, connect your iPhone to the WiFi network. Select the WiFi network that you wish to connect. A pop-up window will appear asking you for your password.

A notification should now appear on your iPhone asking you if it wants to share the password with Mac. Tap Share Password.

How do I share my WiFi password between iPhone and Android?

Although sharing your password with Android requires more work because there isn’t native compatibility, it can be done easily once you have mastered the complex setup. This is a great trick that you can use from iPhone to iPhone if needed.

You first need to make a QR code. This can be done by installing any QR code generator found on the app store such as Qrafter.

After logging in, you will find the WiFi code option. Enter your WiFi password, SSID (network number) and next enter the code. You might need to change the encryption type depending on what app you are using. This information can be found on you WiFi router. There are three options: WEP, WPA/WPA2, and none.

To generate a QR Code, add SSID password
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To generate your QR code, tap create
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After you have added your WiFi data, make the QR code. Then let the magic happen. Open the Android camera and place your passcode over the QR code. You will receive a notification regarding the WiFi network. To connect, tap the message.

Let the Android hover above the QR code (underthe black box).
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An invitation pop-up appears inviting Android to connect
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It’s pretty easy to share WiFi info these days, so you might want to check who’s lurking on your WiFi network and reassess who has access every once in a while. If you’re reading this, congratulations on learning another hack to make your life easier.

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