Is it possible to travel for government business? Are You Ready to Get Out of Its Slump!

The trade missions are international business trips that governments organize to generate new business. They were forced to be virtualized during the pandemic, but they could quickly return to their original locations in 2022, as nations look to revitalize their economies.

The governments will want to send trade envoys and ambassadors to foreign exhibitions.

These are the best business trips and far more efficient than video conference because they require more interpersonal relationships. “They can save companies valuable time and resources by maximizing contact with prospective distributors, sales representatives, or partners,” according to the International Trade Administration in the U.S.

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A Canadian company tried virtual trade missions, but they didn’t work. “Just as Zoom conferences are an imperfect replacement for personal meetings, so too are these remote-access trade missions,” the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada noted in a report.

Britain in particular will be gearing up for more trade missions next year, following trading upheaval due to Brexit as well as coronavirus. One corporate travel agency, Yorkshire-based Good Travel Management, has even formed a new division, GT Events, to help support the government, trade associations and chambers of commerce fly the flag overseas.

“The Department for International Trade is funding trade missions and programs again, and there’s a push to get these back in place,” said Kevin Harrison, managing director at Good Travel Management. It’s all about rebranding Britain, and that is even more crucial than it has ever been.

The government claims that trade envoys supported over $22 billion of UK exports in 2020-2021. Britain appointed Ian Botham (an ex-cricketer) as its trade envoy for Australia, in addition to nine new positions.

Harrison said that the Department for International Trade believes these things will happen. We’re in contact with several trade organizations, and there is a desire to return face-to-face exhibits. Many people claimed they would not return but it doesn’t seem that way.

Gray Dawes Group has also expanded its overseas exhibitions business with the launch of the new GT Events division. It recently helped organize travel for exhibitors and delegates at Mobile World Congress, which took place in Barcelona, Spain, in June.

It continues to be a problem that certain countries are not able to take advantage of the opportunities for international travel. Based on Travelogix data, the Business Travel Association calculated that the UK suffered a $5 billion loss in its gross domestic product over the past week. It said that international travel to the UK fell by 79.2 percentage compared with the same week of 2019. There was also a decrease in domestic and international business travel in the last week.

Harrison stated that trade missions were still being planned for this year but will be most likely to take place by 2022. They are also being hampered by the Delta variant. One trade mission involving 200 companies and 500 participants was due to leave Belgium for Atlanta in the U.S. this October, but has postponed until the middle of next year, according to reports. This was the largest state trade mission since the Olympics.

On Thursday, the British government revealed it was no closer to establishing a transatlantic corridor with the U.S., but has now added Canada to its green list.

With the European Union looking to reinstate a non-essential travel ban on the U.S., expect those calls to fully reopen transatlantic flights from trade organizations and travel agencies on both sides to grow louder.

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