It’s a possibility to travel across Europe. venerable Euro Truck multiplayer mod


The idea of taking a road trip across the country with your friends is what makes fantasy vacations truly special. Imagine it: A beat-up Volkswagen van with a handful of friends and conversation, as you cruise along the open roads, the wind blowing in your hair, driving through the country. According to research posted on the US-based National Centre for Biotechnology Information, out of the 91.2 percent of surveyed members had a bucket list, and a whopping 78.5 percent of them had a desire to travel in some form.

It should not be surprising. This is why many people consider travelling the world a luxury. However, it’s not necessary to have a wealthy lifestyle to enjoy the benefits of road trips with friends. I’ve been traveling Europe with the aid of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and a multiplayer mod called TruckersMP. It is worth noting that Euro Truck Simulator 2 (and American Truck Simulator) now have multiplayer support. However, the Convoy multiplayer only allows eight players. While TruckersMP is a good game, it’s on another scale.

TruckersMP was released initially on May 1, 2014. It is an extremely multiplayer mod for Euro Truck 2. This allows you to travel Europe together with thousands of truckers by joining one of many servers. Mod TruckersMP makes many changes that allow for an easier multiplayer experience. The mod also includes radio channels that allow voice chat, as well as its own radio station.

To avoid newbie truckers getting lost on busy roads, the mod requires that players play the game solo for two hours. Players can join forces to travel together, from Aberdeen’s pleasant hills to Iberia’s beautiful beaches. Travelling from Russia to Paris can be made easy if players have Euro Truck 2’s numerous DLCs.

In general, a journey between one side of Europe and the other can take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic stops. Also, traffic is an issue. Traffic jams are possible because TruckersMP boasts a large playerbase that travels across Europe. Calais, a central base-game city and popular destination for starting players, is particularly vulnerable to traffic jams. The capacity to see between 50 and 200 vehicles simultaneously is quite impressive considering that it is a hub for many pit-stops. Truckers MP turns off truck collisions in major cities, to protect you from bad drivers and trolls. But collisions can still happen on the other side of the road so be careful!


TruckersMP, and Euro Truck 2, are serene enough that you can’t help but feel like you’re in a peaceful place. You enjoy the beautiful scenery and the company of friends. Depending on the driving style you choose, your experience may vary. The easiest type of automatic, with no shift, is simple. H-shifter, on the other hand, is designed for professionals who are skilled in trucking and require a computer wheel and a stick.

Euro Truck 2 offers VR support to enhance immersion. It is amazing to see the majestic mountains of Scandinavia from VR. It only gets more fun when you play with your crew. Sometimes conversations will stop halfway through a sentence when they see some of the landscapes, sights, and places the game offers.

However, this intrinsic beauty has a dual-edged sword. Euro Truck has focused its post-launch development on various expansions. This means that base-game cities are less appealing than their DLC counterparts. The English countryside may still be beautiful but is not as magical as Paris and Stockholm.

This means DLC maps have population problems on TruckersMP. People may feel abandoned in newly released countries because they can’t afford them or don’t want to. In Russia it is rare to spot a truck driving by, while Berlin and other European cities are full of drivers. Driving in Europe’s premium areas can feel empty. TruckersMP can seem lonely if you do not have companions.


This does not mean that Euro Truck isn’t worth the many DLCs you will need to have a good time. It’s just as enjoyable to travel in the vanilla section of the map. It is worth noting that the vanilla roads, despite being more accurate than the downloaded content, are still legitimate and valid. People who think back to their youth road trips can feel nostalgic when they drive through England in pouring rain at night.

You’ll be right at home if your familiarity with European roads is a plus. It can be rewarding to share these experiences with others. TruckersMP may be the solution for those who find Euro Truck’s single-player format boring and repetitive. The monotony and enjoyment of driving on the open roads will keep you hooked, even though it is unapologetic repetition.

The community is there for you, even if you don’t already have one. TruckersMP hosts forums for convoys seeking people to join them, while the Discord community is active. There’s always the chance to chat with other drivers about your journeys, even if you aren’t playing. With matching usernames or paintjobs, convoys can be easily identified.

Overall, TruckersMP is a pleasant addition to an already enjoyable game. It’s so wonderful to share a trip with people you love. Online voice calls are intimate and fun. You can compare truck brands, colour schemes, or even fix issues. This makes it feel more personal when you decide which European city to meet up in. This is a great way to start a group trip.

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