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Joe Swash is outraged at people who ‘judge’ him for being a parent. still doubt myself’

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Joe Swash is outraged at people who 'judge' him for being a parent.
still doubt myself'

Joe Swash (39), is about to be a dad for the third and final time. He has shared his poignant advice with first-time parents. Presenter Joe Swash is already the father of two sons, Harry (13 years old), and Rex (1 year), from a prior relationship. He shares his life with Stacey Solomon, his fiancee.

Joe shared his thoughts on parenting and offered advice to first-time parents.

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In a new interview, the former EastEnders star admitted there will always be judgement from strangers, which can form doubts.

It still happens in this case, despite his years of being a father.

Joe said, “I would tell any new parent that there is no book to be followed.”

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He told The Mirror that it was “a magic moment in my life” when he found out he was having a girl.

Stacey and I both had children, and it was exciting to be able to have our first girls together.

He smiled and said, “I don’t even know the words!”

He was excited to share that he had been practicing different hairstyles in preparation for his daughter’s big day.

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