Meghan’s “Totally tone-deaf” and Harry’s privilege “wokeness” Karren Brady criticised

Karren Brady (52), has criticised Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after they released excerpts from Finding Freedom, an unauthorised book that details the royal couple. One particular section aired the couple’s “perceived” insults to the Royal Family. It read like an Apprentice soap opera.

Karren, after reading these excerpts, admitted she was a huge fan of Meghan when she started dating Harry. However, she had “lost sympathy” with the couple after it became apparent that they wanted to “have their cake and eat it.”

In her most recent column, The Sun’s Apprentice Star attacked the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex. She called them “tone deaf” and said they were “double-standards” and had to air their grievances publicly.

She said: “It’s hard to accept their double standards — flying private planes while worrying about the environment, and calling people racist. Harry’s past has been littered with mistakes.

Given their unimaginable privileges, this chapter will air all perceived insults and mistreatment.

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