Police warn Android users as Google Bans 8 Dangerous Apps You can delete them immediately


Police warn Android users as Google Bans 8 Dangerous Apps
You can delete them immediately

There’s a fresh Android warning that’s just been announced and this is one you definitely don’t want to ignore. Police in Belgium have confirmed that Google recently deleted eight apps from its Play Store with users now advised to remove them from their devices without delay. All of these apps are believed to be infected with the Joker malware, which can cause havoc on all phones it touches.

Joker can install premium dialers and hidden spyware on devices once it is installed. This will allow users to sign up for expensive, monthly subscriptions.

Some victims paid more than PS240 per year in the past for fraudulent subscriptions.

Belgium’s police posted a message on their website warning people to be wary. Joker is back in Android’s environment. The malware was found in eight apps on the Play Store. Google has since removed them, however, if one is already installed, you should remove it immediately.

Researchers at the cybersecurity firm Quick Heal Security Lab claim that this Joker virus could access text messages and contacts, as well as other information, on mobile phones.

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Zimperium claims that over 1000 new Joker samples have been discovered since it last reported on the issue in 2020. The company warns that hackers have found numerous new ways to infect official as well unofficial apps stores with this malware.

Zimperium explained that Joker Trojans, which are malignant Android apps that perform bill fraud and subscribe users to premium services since 2017, have been well-known. The outcome of successful mobile infections is financial gain to the cybercriminals, sometimes under the noses of victims until the money disappears with very little or no recovery options.

These are top tips for keeping your Android smartphone safe from hackers

* Only download applications from verified sources such as Google Play Store

* Don’t click on any links sent to you via messages, or other social media platforms.

* Disable installation from an unknown source

Before you accept/allow any additional permissions, make sure to read the messages that pop up from Android.

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