PS Now September 2021: Delay for PS4 Games revealed

Sony will announce the next PlayStation Now game, however it seems unlikely that this will happen in August.

Gamers will have to wait a bit longer to see what’s being added to PS Now.

Usually, subscribers only have to wait a month before discovering what new PS4 titles will be coming to PS Now.

Due to the PlayStation Network refresh cycle gamers will have to wait another week to play September’s games.

Based on The Witcher 3’s scheduled removal on September 6th, which is the date when next PS Now games will be announced, this is very accurate.

Sony may announce its plans at different dates than usual, breaking with the norm.

Gamers are advised to watch out for any news regarding the following: September 3rd, September 3rd and September 6th.

Although next Monday seems like the best date to share PS Now news, there is always the possibility that Sony might surprise us.

We know the most important information is that Sony will drop Witcher 3 in September and replace it with other titles.

The departure of Borderlands 3 will follow shortly. It is expected to be removed from the PS Now streaming platform before October 1.

These same PlayStation Network refresh rules also affect the availability of PS Plus games.

Subscribers will be delighted to hear about the new PlayStation Plus games.

Fans will however have to wait until the next round of PS5 or PS4 free games is announced.

The first Tuesday in every month sees new PS Plus games. These games will be announced on Wednesdays before.

Due to the date changes, September 2021 PS Plus free games will not be revealed until September 1.

On September 7, the next round of PS5 and PS4 free games will be available for download.

Publited at Mon, 30 August 2021 11:27:27 +0000

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