Reese Witherspoon admits she didn't receive a lot support.
At 23 she had her first child Ava.

Reese Witherspoon admits she didn’t receive a lot support. At 23 she had her first child Ava.

Reese Witherspoon, a 23-year-old mother of Ava, reflects on her experience as a first time mom and says she didn’t get a lot support with Ava.

She is an Oscar-winning actress and entrepreneur.

And while money can ease the long child-rearing process, Reese Witherspoon knows first-hand that any amount of cash and prestige doesn’t solve all the needs and problems that arise when trying raise ‘a great human.’

The Armchair Expert Podcast’s latest episode features Witherspoon talking about the difficulties she experienced as a mother for the first time. She was 23 when Ava arrived. This happened three months after Ryan Phillippe had married her.

She shared her story with hosts Kristen Bell (and Monica Padman): “I didn’t have much support for my first baby, and I learned very early that this was not going to work,” she said.

Motherhood struggles: Reese Witherspoon, 45, revealed she 'didn't have a lot of support with my first baby' during an appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast; the actress is seen with her first child, daughter Ava, in July

Motherhood is hard: Reese Witherspoon (45), said she didn’t have much support for her first baby during an interview on Armchair Expert. The actress can be seen in July with Ava, her daughter.

Witherspoon stated that she tried to get through the first five months with Ava (now 21), but was unable to sleep and became delusional.

The Louisiana native, sounding humble and grateful, shared how she was one of a small number of moms who were able to work from home during her first months as a mother.

“I had enough money to save it so I did not have to work, but this isn’t a job for one person. She added that it is not even a two-person job.

Witherspoon was 23-years-old when she gave birth to Ava and got married to ex-husband Ryan Phillippe; the former couple are seen on the set of Legally Blonde in October 2000

Witherspoon, then 23, was just 23 when she had Ava. She married Ryan Phillippe in October 2000.

Witherspoon asked the following questions before she admitted to feeling unsupported with Ava: “Why don’t we place more importance on raising children?” And, “Why aren’t there a certain amount of money to support caregivers, the children and the old?”

Bell vented her frustrations about the topic and then suggested there be laws to help with child care.

“To make a great person is almost impossible.” The actress from Walk The Line retorted that they don’t value that. She said that women would make a difference if there were more female leaders.

“We need to provide more assistance for those who must leave work to care for their kids.”

Struggles of parenting: The Walk The Line actress called parenting 'a two-person job' on Armchair Expert; the proud mother is pictured two days ago with her  daughter Ava and son Deacon, 17, both of which she shares with her ex-husband

Parenting struggles: The Walk The Line actress called it a “two-person job” on Armchair Expert. The proud mother was pictured with Ava, her 17-year-old daughter and Deacon with her husband.

Witherspoon laughed so hard that she burst into tears laughing about the fact that she didn’t remember her number for 12 weeks after becoming a mother.

Bell stated, “The truth is that it doesn’t end at the mom getting 12 weeks off,” while simultaneously laughing. Bell also said, “There are two people who can make a baby because babies are hard; they are very, very loud.”

Phillippe and Witherspoon were married three months prior to Ava’s arrival.

The couple would announce their separation in October 2006 and then finalize the divorce within the year.

Witherspoon has an 8-year-old boy, Tennessee, who she shares with Jim Toth, her second husband. She married Jim Toth in March 2011.

Mommy again: Witherspoon also has an eight-year-old son, Tennessee, with second husband Jim Toth, whom she married in March 2011

Mama again: Witherspoon has an 8-year-old boy, Tennessee with her second husband Jim Toth. She married Jim Toth in March 2011.


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