Spacelines from the Far Out launches November 4

You can’t hear anyone in space. Except for your fellow passengers and crew members of the intergalactic airline.

Spacelines From the Far OutThis is a comedy co-op and rogue-lite game about an airline simulating, otherworldly adventure, which combines the glory era of aviation with the utopian space age from the 1960s. Think about what it would be like if “Jetsons’ had a child withDon’t OvercookAndFTLYou’re nowKindYou are on the right path.

S, and Windows PC on November 4, 2021.

Spacelines from the Far Out

Let’s now tell you more about the game…

We’re nearly ready for our first spaceline mission, many years after we put our “spaceline crew”, in orbit.

You’ll be able to create your intergalactic spaceline, upgrade and customize your starcruiser and pick up passengers from all over the galaxy. All while keeping your health in check, avoiding asteroids and making sure you don’t run out of fuel.

Spacelines from the Far Out

If you crash? You can take everything you have learned and continue to learn until you unlock every add-on and purchase every ship. Then you will be the true kings on the interstellar highway.

Spacelines The Far Out is available online or in co-op mode with 4 people. S!

It all started out as a student project from our hometown of Sao Paulo in Brazil. But it quickly gained a lot attention at conventions and indie gaming events. Coffeenauts was formed to make Spacelines, the Far Out, a real game. We have never looked back.

Spacelines from the Far Out

We found the perfect partner to publish the game in the form of Skystone Games – founded by Diablo-creator David Brevik and Perfect World Entertainment alum Bill Wang. They know the challenges of indie gaming and they are determined to help young companies like ours succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Spacelines from the Far OutS, and Windows PC on November 4, and we hope you’ll take this journey with us… we promise to clean up your vomit and dance for you as often as we can.

The Xbox Store will soon offer pre-orders that include special bonus offers.

Beta Demo – Spacelines From the Far Out

Skystone Games Inc.

A Galaxy Far, Far Procedural…

Spacelines from the Far Out is a new game! It blends the glory era of air travel and the utopian space age in the 1960s with non-violent cooperative gameplay.

A sci-fi world filled with the same annoyances that you have grown to associate with the Spaceline commercial industry. This adventure is for you or up to four friends. Every trip is unique thanks to an intelligent (and often mean) AI Director.

This is not going to be an easy task. There are tons of mechanics to learn, including piloting, cooking, cleaning and cleaning. For all space-theft hunters: There are tons of upgrades and ships that you can unlock, as well as playable characters, waiting to be collected.

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