The European Union removes the United States from its Safe Travel List

The European Union removes the United States from its Safe Travel List

The European Union removes the United States from its Safe Travel List

The European Union’s governments agreed Monday to take the United States off the EU’s safe travel lists. This means that U.S. tourists and visitors from five other nations will likely face stricter control, including COVID-19 testing and quarantines.

Also, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Lebanon have been added to the list. The list seeks to unify travel rules across the bloc, although it does not bind individual EU nations, which are free to determine their own border policies.

Some EU countries such as Belgium and Germany have already classified the United States red and require tests and quarantines. However, neighboring France and the Netherlands are safe.

This list was largely created on the COVID-19 status in each country. However, reciprocity is also an important factor.

The average daily U.S. COVID-19 case has risen to over 450 for every million people in the week ending Aug 28. This is compared to the 40 cases in mid-June, when the European Union included the United States on its list. Figures from Our World in Data indicate.

The data show that the case rates in Israel, Kosovo, and Montenegro is even higher.

The EU Safe List now includes 17 countries including Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.

The bloc still lets in most non-EU visitors who are fully vaccinated, although tests and periods of quarantine can apply, depending on the EU country of arrival.

Washington refuses to allow European citizens free movement despite EU appeals. There is a split within the bloc between people who are concerned by US cases increasing in number and those that worry about reciprocity.

Reporting by Philip Blenkinsop. Edited by Robin Emmott, Barbara Lewis.

Philip Blenkinsop, Reuters writer. This article has been legally licensed by the Industry Dive publisher system. Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected]

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