The Viral TikTok bicycle chair should be left behind in the app.

The Viral TikTok bicycle chair should be left behind in the app. Office

If I could find a market that would purchase an office chair equipped with bicycle pedals, I’d be it. Writing requires me to be at the computer for a lot more time than I would like. I already have a recumbent bike at home that I try to sometimes read on, but when I heard about the Flexispot Sit2Go, a bike chair you use at your desk, I was excited. This could be my solution! However, the TikTok buzz is not true.

The price is not fair for the quality.

The Sit2Go is a nice looking bike, but it was not functionally worth its $399 cost. You can adjust the pedal resistance from “hardly working” up to “maybe I will stop procrastinating if I sweat enough.” The bike might benefit from more pedal area or straps to help you secure your feet. Overall, the effect is weak.

It was more comfy for my boyfriend (he is taller) when he tried it.
Credit: Rachel krantz
It means to unscrew these.
Credit: rachel krantz

Although the back of an office chair is decent, it’s not quite as comfortable for its price. It’s a chair and I wouldn’t buy it. I have tried much more comfortable chairs with backs that are soft, but this one seems stiff. It should be made of sweatproof mesh.

The seat is my biggest problem. A comfortable, supportive seat is essential if you want to encourage me to ride a bicycle at work. Amazon has a lot of people buying a cushion for their bike that comes with the chair. At this price, it is difficult to buy additional upgrades. The seat, which is wider than a standard road bike and more well-made, feels hard and painful. The seat is uncomfortable to use while pedaling , or working. It’s also hard to believe that you would want to leave your desk for too long using the chair.

Although assembly was straightforward, customization is not possible.

The lever makes it easy to adjust the height of your chair. However, the backrest needs to be unscrewed in order for you and other people to change the position. This design flaw means that sharing the chair is not possible.

Although assembly was straightforward (for my boyfriend anyway), this oddity is an oversight. Although the bike fit my boyfriend a bit better, it isn’t a good choice for me as I am shorter. Although it is able to roll very well, it has sat mostly in the corner since its arrival. We are active and don’t have to convince anyone to stop being sedentary so it seems this is a negative sign for potential buyers.

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Sit2Go claims that riding for 30 minutes is equivalent to eating two cupcakes. I find this exaggeration. You would likely burn about 100 calories in just 30 minutes, even at high resistance. Unfortunately, this is another example of the product’s over-promises, and low results. People in ads seem far too comfy, as though they are just enjoying using this chair as a couch. Like, Cher Horowitz.

The bike has a standard calorie monitor, just like other non-electric bikes. The tension can also be manually adjusted to your preference. The bike was much quieter to ride than a spin bike at the gym. My feet were not able to slip from the pedals and they didn’t feel secure.

I have tried cheaper under-desk-bike-pedals, and while they also usually leave something to be desired, if you’re looking to harness your inner hamster, I would definitely suggest trying a pair of those over the Sit2Go. It comes with a 1-year warranty for defects and a 30-day returns policy in case you aren’t satisfied. However, you will need to pay either shipping or restocking fees.

There must be an even better bicycle office chair, but I am putting my efforts on hold for the moment. My Varidesk Standing Desk is my favorite, but I will continue to search for other methods to get my energy flowing during workdays.

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