To stop thefts, new caravan laws may soon be implemented “Unlawful Possession”

The Parliament Petition calls for the inclusion of caravan information in vehicle registration documents. This will allow for easier “identification of unlawful possession” caravans, according to campaigners.

If 100,000 signatures are collected, the petition can be discussed in Parliament.

Trackershop experts warned that caravans are becoming more attractive to criminals just last month.

Because some caravans could be valued as high as PS80,000, they were considered “attractive” booty for thieves.

Shaun Carse is Trackershop Manager. He stated that even budget vehicles in the PS10-20K price range are appealing to criminals due to the high demand and ease with which they can be stolen.

Many owners keep valuable items or spend months, if not years, fitting them out. This means that it is impossible to price the emotional cost of having a car stolen.

The group’s research found that only 13 percent motorhome owners had tracking devices in their cars.

54% of the owners stated that they didn’t have the critical security device in place for major risks.

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