Update on Call of Duty: Cold War Free Access and Warzone Patch News

Activision has confirmed this week that free access to Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War multiplayer and Zombies modes are planned.

All users of PS4, Xbox One, and PC can access Cold War from September 2 through September 7.

There are limitations on what playlists and if you will need to subscribe in order to play multiplayer.

Activision has sent a message explaining the agreement, and confirming that most Zombies will be free of charge during this period.

Season Five Multiplayer and Zombies free access period will run from September 2 through September 7. It includes several playlists and modes.

Multiplayer allows players to dive in the Season Five Moshpit (detailed below), Double Agent and everyone’s favorite Nuketown 24/7. Throwback Moshpit is also available. Party Games include Party Games, Gunfight Tournament, Face Off 6v6 and the traditional Team Deathmatch.

Zombies fans can enjoy the all-new Season Five content in Outbreak. PlayStation gamers can take part in the exclusive Onslaught 2-player Zombies experience.

As a thank you for signing up, “Free Access” players will receive the Season Five Battle Pass and Free Tier Skips.

Want to increase your leveling twice as quickly over a long weekend? Enjoy an extended 2XP weekend in Black Ops Cold War that runs concurrently with the Free Access period of September 3-7.

This is not all that will be happening to Call of Duty games this week. Cold War multiplayer has a brand new playlist.

Treyarch’s latest Season Five Moshpit will be launched on Thursday, September 2. It features an assortment of respawn modes for the most recent 6v6 maps, including Drive-In, Slums and Echelon.

The week includes a brand new Gunfight Tournament, with new rewards, Throwback Mohpit, which features remastered Black Ops classics such as Drive-In and Gunfight Blueprints.

Activision will update Warzone on September. However, no new information has been released on which playlists will go live.

Battle Royale is still very popular in 2021. There’s also a chance that new modes and weapons will be available during September.

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