Video: BMW X5 compared to GLE and Genesis GV80

bmw x5 x6 edition black vermilion 25

You can be good at anything, especially when it comes to the top. However, there will always be others who are willing to challenge you so that you do not get comfortable. Certain brands in the automobile industry will have to compete with others. Mercedes-Benz and BMW are two examples of those names. In the mid 1990s and early 2000s when their first SUVs of mid-size size were released, premium German brands were ahead of their times.

Everyone wants to get a slice of the German market, as the German carmakers continue to dominate the sector. Genesis GV80 is the latest competitor to enter the fray. The brand Genesis has high expectations right now. Sales are quite good for the premium division of Kia-Hyundai. Not least in reliability ratings. Is that combined with an aggressive pricing strategy enough to make the X5 or GLE a viable alternative?

Yes and no. The guys from Edmunds set up an interesting comparison between the three and the GV80 had some drawbacks. For starters, it’s considerably smaller inside than the other two, people over 6-feet probably not being the ideal height to drive the crossover. Then there’s the interior quality. Unlike the other two, the GV80 has a lot of plastic inside and it’s not even necessarily of the best quality.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is the most comfortable in terms of driving. However, if you carefully select your settings in the BMW X5, the X5 can surpass it. The GV80 is not up to standard in terms of dynamic performance. It does a great job on the comfort front. There is only one winner in the end. To find out, you’ll need to see the video.

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