A relaxing photography experience Toem out September 17,

A relaxing photography experience Toem out September 17, PS5

Hello everyone! We, at Something We Made, and all of our development team, are thrilled to announce the release of Toem for the PS5 on September 17. You chat with quirky characters and solve their problems using snapping photos. Then you navigate through relaxing scenery.

It’s amazing to think our tiny game made it on a next-gen console. We wouldn’t believe that we knew when we started the project in 2018, that our first prototype would become today’s game.

Are you able to recall the first time that you visited a new place? It was a time when you were in awe at the architecture and the thrill of never knowing what awaits. And all of those happy memories? These are the feelings that feed Toem.

It has been a lengthy and exciting development process. The games have seen many changes, from changing the genre to being completely redesigned. The final design was a result of countless hours of tinkering. Toem was born out of a single sketch. We believe that the original idea is still present in the final game.

Toem draws heavily from Scandinavia. Toem travels to both small and large cities and visits the various tourist sites. The journey that the player takes through Toem is what we want to highlight. What could make it more memorable? Of course, a camera!

You can help strangers by getting stamps. These stamps act as a sign of gratitude and you can also exchange stamps for free travel passes to the next destination. Your ultimate goal? Take a picture of Toem, a magical natural phenomenon.

Our hope is for you to feel happy and peaceful while enjoying our game. We are eager to see your photos as you travel along the journey. We would love to see them on social media.

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