After star’s passing, Elvis: Dad Vernon fought tears with a heartbreaking message to his fans

Vernon said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Elvis’ last performance onstage.” We are grateful. God Bless You. “

Vernon clearly is in tears, as he tries to remind himself and his viewers that Elvis was truly gone. It would end with no music, no live performances of extraordinary quality, and no American Trilogy or My Way.

Vernon spoke so proudly earlier in the broadcast about his youngest days.

According to him, “He wasn’t very good at singing in churches.” When he was nine years of age, he made his first public appearance. He won the third prize for Old Shep singing in a school contest. He couldn’t make any music at that point, so he just sang the song.

Publiated at Tue 31 August 2021, 20:41:00 (+0000).

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