Apex Legends Update 10.1: Respawn reveal Tap Strafing Removal will be made in the patch notes

PS4 and Xbox One gamers have been told that tap strafing will be removed from the game as part of the next Apex Legends update.

Tap Strafing, a technique used by PC gamers to provide a movement boost is the big news.

This is a fantastic technique to counterattack another player using the same strategy.

It’s possible to make turns in mid-air, which can help you win more encounters. However, it is not considered an exploit.

Although it is technically possible, it’s not practical to do so on all input devices. The easiest method is to use a keyboard or mouse.

Respawn made it difficult to tap strafe. However, gamers were warned this will change in the next Apex update.

Respawn confirmed that “After much thought and discussion, we have decided to eliminate tap-strafing in Apex Legends patch 10.1.”

“Our reasoning: It’s inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities.

“The next patch notes will contain a detailed note about it.”

It makes things easier with the mouse’s scroll wheel, and since controllers don’t allow for crossplay, PC gamers will lose that advantage.

Many users are unaware of this technique, and they have debated what it could mean for the game. One fan posted online about the possibility.

After much thought and discussion, I have just discovered that tap-strafing really is an actual thing.

It’s the time you spam w or rebind it as scroll wheel when you turn. This allows you to keep your momentum. You can also run, and instantly 180 without losing your speed.

One adds, “The truth is that you likely care but don’t realize it.” This stuff is used by high-ranking players in ways that ordinary people are unaware of. This will be a benefit to you.

I had exactly the same thought. Although I can’t control it, I feel like I have to make some decisions. However, I must admit that this sudden shift in direction is a bit disappointing. Horizons passive also gets an indirect boost from this.

Although we don’t yet know the details of what will be included in Apex Legends’ next update, there is a high chance that it will happen.

Respawn promised more information via their official patch notes. They still have time to release the patch this week.

Publited at Wednesday, 01 September 2021 00.56:39 +0000

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