Bose QuietComfort45 arrives September 23rd for $330

Following a spate of leaks, Bose this morning announced the latest addition to its well-loved over ear headphones. According to Bose, the QuietComfort 45 replaces the 35 II and features improved noise cancellation as well as 24 hour battery life. These air travel staples cost $330, which is $20 less than the QC 35’s original asking price.

These headphones are similar in design to previous generations. However, they have been updated to be more lightweight, more portable, and comfortable. There are two main modes for the headphones: Aware and Quiet. Bose’s old one-size-fits all ANC technology does not respond well to noise. The first uses better noise cancellation tech. Let’s be aware, while we sound off with transparency mode.

Bose retains the physical buttons. While some users have made the switch to touch panels entirely, four of the left-ear cups can be used to control volume, power, pairing, and the one at the right for switching between the noise cancelling modes. The microphone has been upgraded to improve voice quality and allow for conversation using the integrated microphone.

Image Credits: Bose

You can play music for 24 hours with the battery.

Since 2000 when Bose released the QuietComfort 1st generation, the headphone market has changed dramatically. The QC 35 was the last model to go wireless in 2016, and it is now fully wireless. The category has become more competitive with some great entries by Apple and Sony, however Bose is still the best-known name in headphones for over-ear use, especially when you are traveling frequently.

The QC 45 continue to maintain the company’s simple approach. The QC 45 will be on sale from September 23. Perhaps we’ll all travel again in planes by then.

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