Changes to E10 petrol effective immediately – All you have to do Get the scoop on this huge shakeup in car manufacturing

It should be left in its tank and all other fuel incinerated.

If you’re looking for an incompatible vehicle, it might have rubber fuel systems.

You don’t want it to be left there if it was supposed to run on E5 but you have accidentally filled it with E10.

E10 won’t be compatible with all vehicles, however it will be less expensive than standard petrol at the pump.

E10 petrol may have a marginal impact on fuel economy, generally about one percent. However, this is almost non-noticeable for most drivers who make daily journeys.

This month’s E10 rollout will support increased biofuel production at the Northeastern England bioethanol plant.

This will not only increase job opportunities for the area with two large plants creating around 200 skilled jobs, but it will also benefit thousands of people in the surrounding economy, including those in agriculture, who supply the feed-wheat necessary to operate the plant.

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