Clickety is a tool for project management that Puppet calls “project management for people”. Luke Kanies is closing down, founder

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Clickety, a Portland, Ore.-based startup that aimed to help CEOs and managers keep record of their relationships and conversations with employees, will shut down at the end of September.

Puppet founder Luke Kanies, who founded the company in 2019, sent an email to customers Tuesday morning.

Luke Kanies. (Clickety Photo)

Kanies said, “It hurts to shut down.” Kanies wrote, “But, we prioritize the health of our employees, which is the right decision, even though it’s difficult and scary.”

GeekWire reached out to Kanies for more information. Kanies refused.

In an interview with GeekWire last month, Kanies described Clickety as “project management for people.” The software is similar to tools such as Salesforce and Outreach that help salespeople keep track of leads, but designed for leaders who spend a majority of their day interacting with folks in meetings, on the phone, or over email. Potential users include analysts and journalists, as well as lawyers.

Clickety can be connected to email or calendar apps and records past conversations. This allows users to recall discussion topics, actions taken, and other important information.

Clickety stated that it would launch an official website later in the year. It plans to cost $25 per month and $250 annually.

Flying Fish Venture Fund, Liquid 2 Ventures and Founders’ Co-op were among the investors. Jay Simons was formerly president of Atlassian. Six people were employed by the company as of December 2017.

We are extremely proud of the things we have built. Kanies said that they will miss the opportunity to use it. We are as certain as ever that the tool we built — which is a powerful way to assist people whose lives revolve around their work — still needs to be used. We are unable to keep up our efforts.

Kanies recommended Folk and Dex to customers as an alternative to Clickety.

Kanies founded Puppet in 2005. It has grown to be a major cloud infrastructure automation firm based out of Portland, Ore. Although he has resigned from his day to day duties, he remains on the board.

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