Dead Space’s remake expands its dismemberment with flesh Peeling System

Today, we got our first proper gameplay details on the Dead Space remake with a demonstration of an early build of the game, and it seems the dismemberment system is back with some major new features. Motive has made the reboot more difficult than ever by making it possible to peel and chop necromorphs.

While the new Dead Space retains limb dismemberment and is still available, monstrous Necromorphs have many layers of defense to protect themselves. To help you see what you are attacking with low-precision, high-damage weapons, the flesh of the creatures will begin to peel off.

Your dismemberment photos will need to be precise. To complete your slice, you will need to blast the bones beneath those limbs. You can leave some flesh on the monster if you don’t remove it. You can also add tactical value to the game by purchasing clothing or body armor from your enemies later on in the game.

Today’s early devstream also featured a new zero-G system. This will allow you to float in the environment instead of using the awkward jumps from the original game.

Gunner Wright will voice Isaac, as was his role in Dead Space 2/3. They hope that the voice of Isaac will be used to expand the story, and to make Isaac more believable in interactions with others. They also wish to preserve the feeling of isolation that was present in the original game, which means you won’t hear any dialogue if you are alone.

You can see the full prototype demo on Twitch.

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Publiated at Tue 31 August 2021, 18:44:59 +0000

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