EA releases new Dead Space footage. Details in “unorthodox” livestream

Dead Space fans have been treated to a very early look at EA’s highly anticipated remake of the sci-fi horror favourite as part of an “unorthodox” new livestream – and while the project is still “really, really far from being done”, according to developer EA Motive, the included new footage and details might be enough to keep interest piqued until more is ready to be revealed.

EA Motive has shown off Dead Space’s remake early in its development. This is an admission by EA. However, it stated that it wanted to be transparent with communication in order to get feedback.

The developer shared some details and glimpses of the remake to that effect. It began by showing the early efforts it made to improve the visuals of Dead Space for today’s age. This involved revisiting 2008’s assets and adding detail, shaders, materials and VFX to them, as well as lighting the scene. As you can see in the stream below, these results are quite striking.

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EA Motive states that its goal is to make an immersive experience that stays true to the original source while also “improving many different elements” in order to be relevant to today’s world. The fundamentals of the game remain unchanged. It is the story of Isaac Clarke (an engineer) who fights terrifying Necromorphs onboard USG Ishimura to rescue his girlfriend Nicole. However, EA Motive claims it wants to add to the original storyline and build on what was already there.

It plans to include some of Dead Space’s “bigger universe”, which will tie the original story more closely to the books and sequels through audio logs, and other world-building methods. It is possible to learn more about supporting characters and to find Nicole, as well as learn her story during the outbreak.

Isaac will not be the silent protagonist in this remake, as he was in 2008’s original. Gunner Wright played this role in Dead Space 2’s sequels. EA Motive explained that it wanted Isaac to talk to allow him to have more control over the story. It states that Issac will not interrupt immersion by talking while alone in darkness, but also notes two rules. He’ll speak only when spoken to and he may speak in situations where it feels strange for him to remain silent.

Dead Space Remake Official Teaser Trailer

EA Motive has revealed some details about its plans for the future of gameplay. EA Motive wants to create an immersive and intense experience by making the USG Ishimura journey seamless. It also desires that there are no loading or cuts.

The team has also made some other changes, including a revamped zero-g traversal. 360-degree freedom while flying and the ability for interaction with the pilots gives them more control over creating zero-g environments. This allows the team to create new routes and challenge players who are familiar with the game.

The company is also developing a better dismemberment system and damage system. It introduced a concept it called “peeling” Its goal is to improve non-carving weaponry, which were not as clear or visceral in the original game. It has developed body destruction technology, which allows players to cut and expose the bones of their enemies. This gives them better information about how powerful weapons they are and how close they are to death. The game also features impalements, which are based on the Dead Space 2 games. It has modified dismemberment to allow limbs to be cut in half. This allows them to be grabbed using kinesis for even more inventive kills.

This is it for details in the very first look at Dead Space. EA Motive stresses that the game will not have microtransactions. The game is currently around a year in development. Isaac and his friends may still be waiting for their long-awaited return on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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