Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick fires back at homophobic User on Instagram: “I Dare You!”

Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick has taken to social media to share details of the horrific homophobic abuse that she receives online. She is 42 years old and married to Kate Brooks, an ITV producer. They have a son Teddy. Teddy was conceived via IVF after they got back together in America two years ago. The actress who plays Lizzie Hopkirk on the soap has shocked her fans by revealing the homophobic remarks she used.

The star shared some of the horrible abuse she gets in front of her 110,600 followers.

The star posted screenshots of her messages and detailed how one troll called her a “d**e”, “l***o” and other things.

She challenged them to show their true selves and wrote, “Come on! Show us who you are…I dare you!”

Kate responded to the post of her wife by writing: “Hi Michael, original Prisoner Cell Block H call from 1985, they’d love their insults back. Thank you, mill.

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A third thought was expressed: “I am sorry that you get nasty comments. You are an inspiration for the community.”

The star expressed her gratitude to her fans for all their love and support.

She said, “Overwhelmed” by the beautiful support messages.

“I don’t really take it in to my heart. I just like to emphasize it every now and again.”

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