Enjoy a haunting tour of the house that was home to BBC's smash hit "Spooky Tour".
Show 'Ghosts’ is filme

Enjoy a haunting tour of the house that was home to BBC’s smash hit “Spooky Tour”. Show ‘Ghosts’ is filme

Enjoy a haunting tour of the house that was home to BBC's smash hit "Spooky Tour".
Show 'Ghosts’ is filme

To recap the plot of the hit BBC show, it follows married couple Alice (played by Charlotte Ritchie) and Mark (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) who discover that Alice’s dead aunt left her mansion to her niece. The couple are thrilled about the unexpected win, but they don’t realize that Button House has many ghosts of different times and periods.

Fans have been able learn more about each resident’s past as the series progresses.

This spooky sitcom was filmed in West Horsley Place, Surrey. It is a Grade I listed building, which dates back to 15th-century.

There are 50 rooms on the property, and there is a large estate of 380 acres. Viewers will recognize some scenes shot in these interiors and exteriors.

The library is the oldest part of the house and dates back to 1425. It houses thousands of books stored on dark wooden shelves.

The Stone Hall, which boasts a fascinating history and is another familiar room for viewers.

King Henry VIII once gifted the house to his cousin, Henry Courtenay, where His Majesty is known to have enjoyed a 35-course lunch here.

The Drawing Room upstairs is perhaps the most impressive room. It’s decorated with eye-catching red silks, patchworks and other striking colors.

Other notable TV shows that have used the historic building for period drama sets include The Crown, The Durrells and Vanity Fair.

Lord Berners, Conservative MP Henry Currie were the previous owners.

For groups of 15-20 people, private 90-minute tours are possible. However, those looking to experience their favorite ‘Ghosts scenes or hear more eerie stories will not be disappointed.

The next Open Day at West Horsley Place will take place on Saturday September 19, where, according to their official website: “The most important rooms of the house will open for you on a free flow route.”

“Expert stewards will share the amazing stories of West Horsley Place with each room, including Guy Fawkes’ time here as a footman, Walter Raleigh’s fate, Elizabeth I’s theatre in our gardens and how our two owners were executed.

Pop-up café will provide refreshments. Visitors are also welcome to take a picnic and enjoy the gardens.

You should be on the lookout for paranormal activity in your free time. West Horsley Place also has real haunting stories similar to Button House.

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