It scraps the quarantine. What new rules will you be following? Are Brits? FCDO Advice

Are there any other restrictions on Covid in Italy?

To reduce COVID-19’s spread in Italy, rules and regulations are being enforced.

This includes the use of masks for outdoor areas where social distancing cannot be achieved, as well as indoor public spaces.

A face cover is not required for children under six years of age.

It is important to observe a social distance of 1 meter. Gatherings must also be avoided.

A “green certificate”, which is valid for public space, must be obtained starting August 6.

The “green certificate”, which is valid from September 1, must be used for certain intercity and intercity flights as well as high-speed trains and boats that connect two or more areas.

According to the FCDO, “A UK vaccine record will be accepted for transport, leisure, and hospitality facilities.”

These rules may change quickly according to the travel agency.

The article explains that it is strongly recommended to visit the official websites of the areas you’re visiting for up-to-date information. It is important to pay attention to signage in your area.

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