James Bond: No Time To Die Final Trailer warns that Bond will die

There are many gags to be made about Bond’s latest movie. It has had to wait for a long time, been delayed, changed directors, and was set up in an accident. Then there is the rampaging pandemic. However, Daniel Craig looks poised to make his final appearance in the UK on September 30, 2012. The trailer for the international premiere is a reminder of our concerns that the movie might actually kill James Bond. SCROLL DOWN FOR THE LAST USTRAILER WITH MORE SCENES

New trailer depicts the devastation that Bond experiences when Madeleine Swann, Lea Seydoux’s girlfriend, discovers a horrible secret about him. Blofeld, his most hated enemy (Christoph Waltz) is his only hope for help.

Blofeld says to him, “James. Fate draws us together. Your enemy is now my enemy. What is the secret to this?

Bond sighs: “Well, I live long enough …”.”

But, this trailer, and the US version below, all point to a life that is rapidly ending.

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Also, the film introduces Lashanna Lynch as the new 007. She replaces Captain Marvel’s character in SPECTRE. It is unlikely that she will allow Bond to return to the role unless she herself is murdered.

It seems that producers will wrap up a whole storyline with the film, regardless of whether Bond dies. All the previous 007 actors had just moved into an ongoing series, bringing new stories from Ian Fleming’s canon.

There are no more books by him. This will mark the end of 58 years worth of filmmaking. The producers may embrace bold, total reboots.

Blofeld will be joined by Rami Malek in No Time To Die as the sinister villain Safin. He plans to do something catastrophic to make the world “tidier.”

Ben Whishaw is back as Q. Naomie Harris, Moneypenny and Jeffrey Wright will play Felix, while Ralph Fiennes plays “M”. Ana de Armas, a Blade Runner actress will portray the machinegun-toting Bond girls.


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