PS Plus September 2021: Big Predator Hunting Grounds Update Before PS4 game launches


PS Plus September 2021: Big Predator Hunting Grounds Update
Before PS4 game launches

Expect gamers to discover that PS Plus’ September 2021 lineup of free games will feature Predator Hunting Grounds and Hitman 2.

It is expected that the reveal will take place later in today. Gamers should have all information by 4:30 PM BST.

And it just so happens that one of the new PS4 games reportedly being released for free as part of PS Plus has been updated with new content.

Fans can not only get new DLC for a fee, but also receive a variety of upgrades.

The new patch arrived one week prior to Predator Hunting Grounds, which Sony is expected release on September 7.

The Hunting Grounds team sent this message: “We are thrilled to offer both a Paid Update and a DLC to the community in October.”

Cleopatra is joining the Yautja Race to be this month’s Paid DLC Character. She brings with her an obsession for collecting the highest quality trophies. This month’s Free Update includes Isabelle’s Tapes being unlocked, and the friendly Fireteam Bots joining the fight in the Jungle.

This month’s free update brings the NRV–E (Unlock at level 100) to all players. We are also expanding the universe’s lore with new tapes. You may be curious about Isabelle’s activities, her past, and how she came back to Earth.

There are four levels of unlocked tapes that Isabelle tells her story. (Unlocks at 1-10, 20, 40). We have been working hard to make it possible for the community to ask.

This rumour is interesting because moderators at the French gaming forum reportedly confirmed it – otherwise, they would have quickly taken it down.

It seems like PlayStation Plus fans may have been able to find out which games are coming with the new PS Plus.

There are many deals available right now if you enjoy the look of these lines-up but are not currently a PS Plus member or need to renew your subscription.

Until the new titles are available, PlayStation Plus subscribers can still download the current PlayStation Plus lineup. This includes Hunter’s Arena Legends, Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville and Tennis World Tour 2.

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