Reframe Your Metaphors and Other Lessons from Y Combinator S21 Day 1.

After a marathon of nearly 200 pitches over 17 hours, Equity was ready to chat on Twitter about some favorite trends from the demo party’s first day. We’ll be back on the air tomorrow, so make sure you’re following the show on Twitter so you don’t miss out.

Was there anything Natasha and Alex talked about? These are the following:

  • Our first impressions were to review the top-line figures, the geographic breakdown and the progress of the accelerator in ensuring diversity among founders. Although the last part made some progress, diversity remains a problem in YC’s cohorts, despite increasing numbers. Also, we discussed what startup pitching could do: better microphones that are both cheap and effective.
  • Our first favorites were Metaphor and Lumify. Alex also loves the duo Indian plays of real estate, Akudo, Reframe, Playhouse.
  • Some Hmmm moments. Natasha also has an interesting theory about Writesonic.

TechCrunch provides extensive coverage every day, so if you’re feeling inspired there are plenty of resources to explore. Tomorrow: More!

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Publited at Wednesday, 01 September 2021 00.49:04 +0000

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