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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a CuriosityStream HD Plan is on sale for PS108.81 as of Aug. 31, using the code STREAM25 at the checkout.

Just because you’re not required to go to school after a certain age doesn’t mean your curiosity and thirst for knowledge stops.

There are many ways for those who can’t learn enough to grow their minds without paying hefty tuition or attending lectures in person. With a lifetime subscription to CuriosityStream, the documentary streaming service, you can dive into multiple subjects anytime, any place.

The award-winning streaming platform lets you watch documentaries and other exclusive content on the go with just a click. Experts like Brian Greene and Michio Kaku provide immersive video experiences. They offer their knowledge and expertise to help you understand the world’s most fascinating subjects. You can view HD or 4K documentary on many devices. And you can download them ahead of time so you have access even when you are not connected to the internet.

You’ll always find new content to view, as there is new content added every week. Search function allows you to quickly find the information that you need using multiple search engines and simple title browsing. You can also rate documentaries based on your preferences and interests, and you will receive suggestions for new titles in the future. You’ll learn new things every time you watch it, just as Netflix and Hulu.

Normally, lifetime access to the CuriosityStream HD video plan retails for PS182, since you’ll never have to pay monthly or yearly dues or additional subscription fees. For a limited period, however, all content can be yours for only PS108.81. To take advantage of this limited-time offer, simply enter the code STREAM25 during checkout.

Save on a CuriosityStream HD Plan

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