Ten chew toys as reviewed by my dog

Stevie is my dog.

She is a very loving girl. (Pictured is Stevie the author’s pitbull mix lab/boxer mix dog. ()
Credit to Dylan Haas/Mashable

She’s a lab, boxer, pit bull mix who likes cuddles, sleeping in, saying “hello” to strangers, and, probably more than anything else, chew toys. In case you’re wondering, Stevie Nicks is her name.

Some people find picking out toys for dogs easy. It’s understandable. Who would like to spend time looking at this type of thing? The majority of people will pick up any Petco item that makes a squeak and go on with their lives.

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Dear reader, however, I’m one of thesepeople. By “those”, I refer to “persons who treat their pets as if they were their child.”

However, I don’t have any shame. No!

This is how I’m wired. I take great care of my dog’s stuff. Perhaps a bit too specific. You know, I want my dog to be happy. This is actually good news. Stevie and I tested 10 different chew toys.

What did they look like when we tested them?

Stevie and myself started the review knowing that each toy would be given a couple of weeks for testing. Each of the toys was tested for one day. I kept track of her interactions with the toy and what happened to them. To test the durability of each toy, I played tug-of war and fetch, but she mostly just gnawed away at them, trying to see which toys could survive her terror. She’s very friendly and there’s nothing scary about her.

Many chew toys make claims that they are “indestructible,” but this is misleading.

Remember that your dog’s breed preference and type will have an effect on the final outcome. Although my dog is an aggressive chewer and tends to tear apart toys very quickly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one choice won’t be suitable for herdog.

Also, many chew toys are advertised as “indestructible,” but this is misleading. You should not allow your pet to chew on a chew toy that isn’t really indestructible. To avoid any potential choking risks or other digestive problems, chew toys should be kept out of reach of dogs.

Rawhide: You can say “no”

Rawhide is an extremely popular toy or treat that can be found in the cow- or horse hide inner layers.

You can find rawhide in classic dog bones. Some are even flavoured to make them more appealing to chew. It’s dangerous for your dog to play with rawhide.

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These treats can be broken up easily and ingested directly by dogs. This poses a risk to their stomachs or digestive system.

A veterinarian might be able remove small pieces of rawhide from the throat depending on how big your dog is. However, any larger amounts may require extensive surgery. It can cause death if it is not addressed. Don’t buy it.

Which chew toy do I choose for my dog’s puppy?

Dogs need a chew toy they can trust. It is your responsibility as the owner to ensure that this toy works for them. All dogs can chew, regardless of their breed or size. Chewing can help dogs reduce stress levels and anxiety, and it can be used to distract them from undesirable behaviors such as barking or digging.

You should respect your dog’s instinctive need to chew and ensure that they have the right toys for them. Stevie and myself compared the 10 toys that we tried over the last month. This will give you an idea of how your dog may respond.

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